The Pros And Cons of Asus ZenWatch 2

zenwatch_tWith the launch of its first generation smart watch, Asus captured a lot of attention. Though, its initial smart watch was criticised for few of its features, with the launch of its second generation smart watch it has been successful in gathering more attention. Affordability is the main reason for which Asus smart watches are gaining popularity. These are cheaper than many other counterparts in the market. Every gadget has some or the other pros and cons, hence be wise when buying one. Go through the Zenwatch 2 Review and get to know the product in more details. Multiple size options made Asus ZenWatch very popular. Many women bought this smart watch as it had good size options.

Among it pros you can count superb design features and build quality. It has also got improved android implementation for a very affordable price. Among its cons one point is, it lacks the heart rate monitor. It has got extremely limited iPhone compatibility. If you see it as a whole, it is a must buy for the rest of the userrss. There are not many of us who need a heart rate monitor. Hence a smart watch at such low price has got sufficient features to be a must buy. You will get to choose the straps you want for the Zenwatch. Leather as well as plastic fibre straps are available on this device.

For android users, there are multiple features in it. Google play store has run out of its stock. There is a great response for Asus Zenwatch. It is a smart watch that has all the satisfactory functions a person would expect. You can do navigation and use all your android apps. They are easy to use you can even book a taxi through Uber if you have that app in your watch. With many criticisms on Asus Zenwatch first generation, it launched the second generation Zenwatch. It has been very successful in meeting all the criticisms. The second gen watch has many advanced features and they are priced in a better range.

These are available in different sizes and you get to choose the type of belt you want in your watch. It looks very luxurious just like Asus Zen phones. They have cutting edge design features which make it very elegant to wear. Many people have shown positive response for Asus ZenWatch 2. If you are also looking for a cheaper and smarter alternative go for this product. It gives you the best features at the best price. Anybody can use it as it has got a beautiful design that will suit anybody’s wrist. Use your watch for more than just tracking the time.

It will be like your best friend during the entire time you wear it. The lack of heart rate monitor is one demerit, but that will also soon be met by the Asus ZenWatch. Currently, with ZenWatch 2 Asus has also become one of the top most sellers in the smart watch market. It has a rounded square display with a wonderful resolution. Though the bigger size model has better resolution, the small one is also considerably good. There is nothing to criticize for long, once you start using the Asus ZenWatch and begin experiencing its features.

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